castlehill church

10th July, update on arrangements for re-opening our Church buildings -

Paul writes -

"Liz Reid and I will be meeting professional cleaners at the Church on Tuesday 14th July to arrange a deep clean and fumigation which is required by the Church of Scotland authorities before we can begin anything else. I would hope that work will all be completed before the end of the month.

"With Margaret Devlin and Ian Queen I have ordered the requisite safety measures we will have to put in place and these should all be with us before the end of the month too.

"That means that we should be good to go by the beginning of August but there were indications yesterday, 9th July, that the government is imposing restrictions on numbers and a continuation of the 2 metre distancing, it would appear. They are issuing the most up to date guidelines on Monday 13th July, hopefully.

"The present indication is "no singing" but I would hope our organist Liz might be prepared to come back to play if she feels comfortable and safe.

"The bottom line is that until we get the Stage 3 instructions, we won't know definitively. I personally am keen to open up as much as we can when we do but obviously we have to respect regulations and everyone's health."